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Gord 08-28-2004 09:39 PM

Laura Branigan died Thursday night of a suspected brain aneurysm in her sleep.... http://www.corfid.com/ubb/frown.gif

LSH 08-28-2004 10:00 PM

can't get onto the site due to capacity problems. wow, so young. http://www.corfid.com/ubb/frown.gif
I was never a huge fan, but I admired her voice. How sad that she's gone from this place.

stationmaster 08-28-2004 11:10 PM

It is always sad when someone dies so young.
I will always remember "Gloria"

searam 08-29-2004 12:11 AM

God rest her soul!! What a beautiful, talented lady and taken too young! I thought she was great!

Borderstone 08-29-2004 03:14 AM

I just got logged on here a bit ago,I can't believe what I just read! To think she just had her birthday on July 3rd. It's an odd irony that just a few months ago,I found an excellent copy of Branigan 2,her 2nd LP.

Most know her 1st hit was Gloria in 1982,later featured in the film Flashdance.
Her others were Solitare,(the original)>How Am I Supposed To Live Without You,Self Control,The Lucky One (20 years ago this week),Spanish Eddie and her last hit in '87/'88 (her version of)> The Power Of Love.

The last new song I saw by Laura was in the summer of 1996. It was a new cassette single of Donna Summer's,"Dim All The Lights". I bought it but I don't know if I still have it. I haven't thought of it until now. I didn't really buy her music in my teens because at that time "guys" didn't buy music like hers.

As I would say for anyone and not just famous people,may she rest in peace and may her music and life inspire others.

Gord 08-29-2004 05:54 AM

I was a teenager myself when she debuted and if you ever saw any of her videos, any normal red blooded male went and bought her stuff.

But then I was listening to Lightfoot long before it was ever considered fashionable http://www.corfid.com/ubb/smile.gif

SilverHeels 08-29-2004 07:00 AM

quote:Originally posted by searam:
God rest her soul!! What a beautiful, talented lady and taken too young! I thought she was great!

So very sad. http://www.corfid.com/ubb/frown.gif

Borderstone 08-30-2004 04:44 AM

Well,in 1982,being 14,I was more for Olivia Newton John (I had no idea then she was born in 1948!),Sheena Easton and well,all of the Go-Go's. (I thought they were squeaky clean like their image.) Not a lot of females to pick from then!

I thought Laura was a good singer and I liked some of her songs but I just never thought of her that way.

I just went to my closet and got my copy of Branigan 2 out,I can see now where you're coming from Gord,I guess I just never really noticed. Pretty cute. (Then again thosee frizzy 80's do's she sported in 84/85 were never to my liking on any woman!)

"A knight of the road,going back to a place where he might get warm." ;) - Borderstone

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